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Make Up Must-Haves with Milly

I grew up with the slim, blonde, blue-eyed American ideal in fashion magazines and the “Iris Chacon” reality at home; long haired, high-heeled and full bodied. (If you do not know Iris Chacon, please google for the visual.) Today, Instagram has created a platform for many beauty ideals to be highlighted and celebrated; from Katie Sturino’s @the12ishstyle who “believes great style can look chic at any size,” to Venezuela’s @michelle-lewin who calls herself “part fitness model, part body builder, part bikini babe,” and my newest go-to, @afrolatinas_ a space that highlights the diversity of “beautifully Black Latinas.”

I love each of these influencing ‘grams, but it was not until I followed @millyalmodovar that I felt that someone got my version of beauty right. Milly is a beautiful Dominican queen with curves, smarts and a friendly smile. She is always dressed in a bright, @fashionnova figure flattering dress. Her encouraging quotes are an inspiring way to kick off the day, “No matter how you feel, Get up, Dress up, Show up and Never Give UP.”

And like Cardi B, she takes her followers on the influencer journey. We have been behind the scenes at “Wendy,” tested @glamglow’s mask which feels “so silky” and been super excited to meet Madonna at the @MDNASkin launch, “I was dying.”

Milly said she never planned to be a beauty influencer. I would like to thank all the Santeria gods for guiding her and bringing her social media to us so we can also be beautiful and inspired.

I had a chance to chat with Milly.

Meet her. Follow her. Love her.

Isa: What lipstick are you wearing right now?

Milly: OMG, my new fav is Fenty Beauty Unlocked. It’s a bright pink that looks incredible on brown skin. I’ve only had it for about two weeks but every single time I wear it someone stops me and asks me what lips I have on. 

Isa: What are the trends for the Spring??

Milly:  According to the mags, it’s all about the bright lips, wet waves, rainbow eyes, and flower accessories in your hair.  I never follow trends though. I say do what you want. 

Isa: It seems that everyone is wearing that heavy, painted brow.

Who gets their brows right?

Milly: OMG, I am getting my brows micro-bladed next week and I’m so excited. I’ve done it before but didn’t like the result, but the girl I’m going to next week seems great. Heavy brows are great because they make you look younger. My biggest regret in life is tweezing my brows in the 90’s. I love Selena Gomez’s brows, Shay Mitchell has my dream brows and Camilla Cabello too. 

Isa: Why did you become an Influencer?

Milly: I don’t think I ever planned to become an Influencer. I’m not even sure if I think of myself as one yet. All I was trying to do was spread my love of beauty. When I got new beauty products, I would post on my site But that was back in 2004 when there weren’t really any beauty blogs from Latinas. A few years later,  I ended up becoming the beauty editor of “Cosmo for Latinas.” By then Instagram was around so I started posting there. When you’re a beauty editor, you get access to tons of stuff before it’s released, so I started posting about products that people knew nothing about, that really increased my popularity. I’ve been taking a sort of Instagram break and only posting on stories lately, but I plan on returning. I started realizing that I was influencing people probably during my blog days when people would tell me that they wouldn’t buy something unless I recommended it. Or when I appeared on a TV show as a contributor, and a brand would tell me that they sold out of the product I recommended. I love that people trust me for their beauty needs so I try to post about things I love often. I also sprinkle in inspirational quotes because I really believe in the power of words. I know when I was going through something, and I read something uplifting, it changed my day for the better. 

Isa: Does being Latina influence your style? 

Milly: Big time. As a child and teen, I spent my summers in the Dominican Republic and have spent time in Cuba and  what I love was how bright the women’s clothing were. From hot pinks, oranges, and pinks to yellows. I notice now that those are colors I tend to gravitate towards. They also look exquisite on tan skin.  

Isa: Who are your beauty icons?

Milly: Celia Cruz is such a beauty icon to me.  That woman wore the brightest lipsticks, longest nails, and just loved every moment of it. Selena Quintanilla as well and of course JLO.

Catch Milly on “Wendy” this Thursday, February 21st.

And follower her @millyalmodovar

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