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Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Disruption. Reinvention. Purpose.

These are buzz words found on most women sites.

Click bait.

Why do they work? Because we are stressed, unsatisfied and exhausted.

Latinas are taught to go to church, pray it away. Or ignore the pressure to be everything to everyone, “eso pasa.” New age Latinas are starting to look beyond our familial advice. Many have gone looking for that perfect someone to talk to, get support from, someone who knows your weaknesses and helps you create transformative change.

No, it’s not a man.

It’s a life coach.

I met life coach Angie Correa when she was a seasoned corporate executive. Angie was ambitious, always fashionable in the highest tacones, and a lone Latina in most corporate circles. Everyone immediately fell in love with Angie’s confidence, charisma and bright smile. I was surprised to learn that she had many ups and downs. She felt that her work did not matter and was constantly asking herself, “What now? What’s next?” Angie searched for ways to connect to religion, to the world, to herself. With knowledge gained though retreats, personal development and coaching, Angie found a deepened spirituality and purpose. This journey bought her full circle to becoming a life coach. She knows first-hand that “you don’t have to struggle to figure it out all alone.” She has taken all of her experiences and created a platform to help women. Now, she is the person that you can reach out to reignite your passion, your purpose. I recently connected with Angie to find out why Latinas should step out of their comfort zone and talk to a coach.

Culturally, Latinas do not go to therapy- they go to church. What would you say to Latinas about engaging with a coach?

Since I am Latina and the majority of my clients are Latinas or Women of Color I love this question. I think Right Now is a time in History when WE are questioning everything, including why/why not therapy; why/why not church and here is what I usually say. We each have to find what resonates with us but also pushes us to step into the life we truly want. When thinking about any type of coaching (because you there are very specific niches you can choose from – like relationship, marriage, parenting career etc) you must be ready to give up a lot of what you were taught to believe (especially in our culture). You must be ready to stand for what you want and, most importantly, you must be ready to be really uncomfortable. Coaching is NOT meant to figure out why people may have said or did something to you. It is truly meant to put you on a path to a BIGGER LIFE and keep you accountable to get there.

You are also an “Executive Coach.” What does this mean?

This means that I work with women who have had a level of success in a corporate setting and are looking to either Move UP or OUT of their career. They are looking to Level Up and create a much more Empowered Life.

On your web-site, you state that you spent 25 years in corporate America and did not have much to show for all this time.  Do many women feel like this?? Is this considered a mid-life crisis?

Funny when I read this question I thought “I should go back and change that” what I really mean is that I don’t feel like I reached a level to make a BIGGER IMPACT from those years in a corporate job. In retrospect, I completely acknowledge that what I have to show for it is a tremendous amount of compassion for the women who were driven to be an example of success to their family & community. I have been able to meet people and have experience (that without those years in corporate) I would have probably never launched the business that I have today because we had common ground in our experiences. Which brings me to part 2 of your question, yes, many women do feel like they are standing in a spot in their life and career that they feel like they haven’t made a difference and want to figure out what’s next that is aligned with a purpose.

Last but not least, I’m not sure if I would call it a mid-life crisis as much as a CALLING! Right now, with what is happening in our country women are being called to create a movement and impact our future. It’s an innate feeling of service on a bigger scale.

You have a holistic approach to your work. What does this mean?

Yes, I like to call it that. I am sure some would challenge me but here is the thing, I lived so many years keeping my spiritual life, my faith, my hormones, my relationships, my goals and dreams all compartmentalized. Human beings were NEVER created to live that way. We are BEINGS experiencing life every minute of every day and we again have been taught “no le diga las cosas a la gente.” That creates separation. Separation not only in yourself but communities at large. When we have to silo every aspect of our life, how can we ever be AUTHENTIC??? My Holistic approach to my work is really about opening up the conversation around how if WE as an individual truly understand our core values then all parts of us can show up in every situation from the office to la cocina whole, well and complete. It is never too late to make a change. What has been the most impactful change in a client?? Honestly, I would say go to my “Client Love Page” they speak for themselves. But I’d really have to say when I work with women in the military who are getting ready to enter the “civilian” sector and being able to coach them to see how they can take the skills they have learned and commit to a goal with very specific action without hesitation their outcomes are quicker and their ROI (Return on Investment) is exponentially higher.

What is the common complaint you hear from women? 

A common complaint or really question is “WHAT’S NEXT?” They get passed over for a promotion, laid off, divorced or are just exhausted and aren’t sure of the direction of their life. This requires a course correction most times which isn’t hard but can feel like a huge undertaking.

You also offer group coaching. How does this work? Is this more effective?

Group coaching is a great opportunity for women to work in a community that I facilitate. It is truly meant to create a level of comradery so that no one ever feels alone and the women can lean on each other for support and accountability. I wouldn’t say that is less/more effective but another level of commitment for those that want to truly create something completely outside of themselves that serves a bigger community. Let’s talk about beauty.  When women are down, going through a hard time, is it important for them to find a way to feel beautiful?

YES YES YES I FEEL IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO FIND WAYS TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL WHEN YOU ARE FEELING DOWN. I know from personal experience that there were times when I just wanted to feel a little extra and I’d through on red lipstick, some lashes and curl my hair to go to the grocery store just to shift my state of being and believe me it helped.

What type of holistic beauty do you love??

Lately I have been into Vitamin C serum for my skin and MCT oil for everything else. It just feels so good and I can notice a difference.

What lipstick are you wearing at this moment?

I wear any and EVERY great Red Lipstick…One of my favorites is Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick and MILK Cosmetics.

What is the best beauty advice from your Latina Mom?

My Mom was all about simplicity…not too much of anything at any time…she always kept it simple and classy.

You now live on the West Coast. Are you still repping the Bronx? If so, how. I think being authentically ME and never shying away from being a “Puerto Rican Girl from the Bronx” shows anyone I meet on the West Coast that I have a level of pride from where I was raised and that it has given me my grit and determination to create the life I get to live today. Without my upbringing, I am not sure I’d be the strong, independent & empowered women woman I am.

Be sure to connect with Angie on her site and on social media:

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