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Latinas, The Grammys and My Mother

Jennifer Lopez has been discussed a lot this week. Not the usual, “I cannot believe she is about to turn 50” post, but critical comments about her Motown tribute at the Grammys.

Not in my home.

No disparaging comments can be uttered about J.Lo in front of my mother.


As all Latina mothers, my mother loves fiercely.

And J.Lo is every Puerto Rican mother’s favorite daughter.

When she came on the scene in a big way in the 90s, Latinas in New York proclaimed, “Finally!”

Finally, someone who looks like us; curvy, beautiful and desirable.

Finally, someone who knows every word of every Biggie song and also loves bachatas.

Finally, someone unafraid to show their hustle and know their worth.

J.Lo’s success was one for our team.

Decades later, J.Lo is still all of these things and so much more. She is a shot caller in music, fashion, tv, movies. She is unafraid to take chances and constantly reinvent herself. Her social media feed makes you feel like her bestie….sharing in her life and loves. J.Lo has become a media mogul who has proved to us that we are worthy, we are able, we can do this.

The next wave of Latina tastemakers were also featured on the Grammy stage. Cardi B had a show stopping performance and will go down in the record books as the first female solo rapper to win a Grammy. The show opened with a Camila Cabello performance that featured the best of our Spanglish entertainers; Ricky Martin, J. Balvin, the legendary Arturo Sandoval and for the keen-eyed fan, social media funnyman LeJuan James. These Latinas have fiercely followed in J.Lo’s footsteps to success.

My mother will continue to cheer on everything J.Lo does because she represents what every Latina wants for her daughter…confidence, fearlessness, success. At this very moment, Mami is glued to “Ellen” because Jennifer Lopez is a guest. J.Lo shared that the no carb diet was very hard for her. It was a challenge issued by her trainer as she readied for her next role in a movie called “Hustle.” Like all Jennifer Lopez movies, my mother will see it on opening day.

And so will I.



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