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Believe in the Power of Premonitions

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

She had a bad feeling that she was going to die during childbirth.

And she did. For 37 seconds.

This happened to Stephanie Arnold. When Steph and I met at work twenty years ago, we hit it off right away. She was funny, ambitious and outgoing, with a Miami flair. Even when we lived states away, we stayed connected through life’s chapters; marriage, relocation, divorce, children. When Steph was pregnant with her second child, she called to ask about my blood type. Weird topic. She wanted to know if we had a match because she had a bad feeling that she was going to die.

Stephanie mentioned her premonition to everyone. She was dismissed as being emotional and hormonal. Her anesthesiologist, however, took her seriously and brought a crash cart and extra blood units into the operating room. Just in case. Via c section, Stephanie gave birth to a healthy baby boy and minutes later died. The crash cart and extra blood supply saved her life.

This has been a transformative experience for Stephanie which she details in her book, “37 Seconds.” She no longer believes in coincidences and no longer fears death. This experience led Stephanie to tap into her own spirituality on a deeper level, experiencing stronger connections to los espiritus and the messages they send every day.

Recently, I had a chance to reconnect with Stephanie.

Find out why it may be time to embrace your inner bruja.

Isa: You identify as a “Jew-ban.”  How do you explain your unique identity?

My father was born in Cuba. Both of my parents are Jewish. I grew up with salsa and shabbat!

Isa: You said that your paternal grandmother was clairvoyant, do you think that you inherited this ability?

My grandmother was a Santera. She felt things off of people. Extremely intuitive. The day she died, I was 2000 miles away from her and I felt it the moment she died. I have no idea if this ability is passed on through DNA or acquired. I do know I have been intuitive since I was a kid, but on “low voltage.” After dying and being asystolic (no electricity running through the body) and then coming back, I am now on high voltage and feel much more.

Isa: Tell me about the title of your book what does it mean? 37 Seconds.

It was a poignant time because it was the amount of seconds I was clinically dead. It is also the catalyst where I embraced the idea that science doesn’t have all the answers and sometimes you have to accept what you cannot see as the truth.

Isa: Why did you write this book?

It was originally for selfish reasons. I wanted to feel better and writing was a form of therapy and purging the pain. But then when the story got out, more people started reaching out telling me they had a similar experience and were not heard. What began as an exercise has turned into a mission. My message to others is two-fold:

1) If you SENSE something, SAY something. What is the worst thing which can happen, you are wrong? I would have loved to have been wrong. You won’t regret speaking up when your intuition is telling you something, but you will if you don’t and you were absolutely right. It is not worth staying quiet if it can save your life.  

2) And your spirit existed long before it entered your body and will live long after it leaves it. Believe in the Afterlife, it does exist. 

Isa: Your book is now available in Spanish. Do you think that Latinas will have a unique connection to your story?

Yes I do. The unique part of the story is I had detailed premonitions months before I flat-lined, telling me it would happen. In English, I spent a great deal of time proving this spiritual energy exists and how I could not possibly know any of the things I knew and where science stood on the subject. With Latinas, we grow up just KNOWING this spiritual energy exists. We grew up with it. We didn’t question it. Being half gringa, I split my time towing the line between science and spirit and in the end, spirit won. I don’t think it is a battle for Latinas. Acceptance is built in and trusting that their intuition comes from a spiritual place is a given.

Isa: What is the best response that you have received from your book?

"Your book saved my life."

Isa: Let’s talk beauty. What is your favorite lipstick and why??

MAC- VELVET TEDDY (with a gloss) because it goes on smooth and I like the neutral look as my baseline. But there are times I need to be fiery.. so then I go with RETRO MATTE RED    #AZUCAR!

Isa: What beauty advice did you get from your mother?

Put my “face-on” before going out and "don’t stress", it increases wrinkles.

To connect with Stephanie, visit her site:

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