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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

I have never been one to join a club and I am pretty picky about my beauty products.

I did not pay much attention to the beauty box craze until now.

Spiritu is a game changer for me.

I am delighted to receive my seasonal curated box with colorful Latina themed art on the cover. And I love to meet the artist online to learn her personal story and inspiration. This season's box cover features an artist who creates powerful Latina portraits, Anna Alvarado. The Fall Box offers a global experience with handwoven earrings from Honduras, a colorful shawl with traditional fabric sourced from Mexico and a Haitian bracelet which benefits LIDÈ Haiti, an organization that helps adolescent girls there.

The beauty products are practical and are full-sized, like my Dove mousse body wash from the Summer Spiritu Box and this season's Michael Kors' Wonderlust rollerball perfume. It all feels so lux.

The bottom line is that Spiritu is so much more than a beauty box, it is an online community for all women to meet, shop and support each other.

Danielle Levine is Spiritu’s mastermind. I wanted to know why she created this online beauty platform….and please tell us the back story on the name.

What inspired you to create this platform? Spiritú is a community where you can be seen, be heard, and be you. I wanted to create a platform that highlights the voices, faces, and stories of an incredible and diverse audience of women – one that is cross-cultural, inclusive, and that celebrates differences while acknowledging that we are all women and have a place to empower, support, and learn about one another. We do that through our seasonal boxes, our online shop, our content, and our community both online and off. Through our boxes, we’re connecting our members to everyday essentials from brands they know and love – helping brands connect and understand our audience in a better and more authentic way, items we source from artisans throughout Latin America, and products that highlight the work of Latina entrepreneurs and creators. Through our Shop, we feature unique items, artisanal goods, and products that highlight the work of Latina entrepreneurs, creators, and that give back to community organizations making an impact in the US and all over the world. Everything ties together through the fabric of stories we tell through our content and community. We support women of all different colors, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, and have created a powerful ecosystem for Latinas and allies alike.

How did you chose Spiritu as your brand name? We chose Spiritú because it’s a word that mixes a bunch of different ones in both English and Spanish – spirit, espíritu, tú, you. What’s special is that while it may mean something a bit different to everyone, it’s a word that connects on an emotional level. That’s the best possible outcome!

You target the Latina market. How would you describe the Latina consumer?

We want Spiritú to showcase the many different faces and highlight the fact that Latinas are diverse – they come in many colors, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. The Latina consumer is powerful, but she is not one person. She is many different women – each with her own story and voice. We acknowledge that by supporting and empowering Latina entrepreneurs, artists, makers, and storytellers through our platform and community. While we do that, our platform is also cross-cultural and inclusive – a place for Latinas and allies alike.

Each Spiritu box features Latina entrepreneurs. Tell us about products that you have featured in the Fall box that are distinctly Latina.

Each box features the design of a different Latina artist and contains products created by Latina entrepreneurs and creators. They’re all so unique and allow us to showcase the stories of many different women. Below are a just a few of the products we’ve included that were created by Latina entrepreneurs and creators:

HANDMADE WOVEN EARRINGS FROM HONDURAS. Spiritú is proud to feature these earrings, hand-woven from natural Junco, by over 50 women from remote villages in the Santa Barbara mountains of Honduras. The earrings were sourced in partnership with El Armario de la Coqueta (Coquette’s Armoire Honduras), a fair trade, ecological, and social enterprise based in Tegucigalpa that is devoted to rescuing artisans and promoting the visual cultural heritage of Honduras. Through this partnership, Spiritú provided work and income generation for over 70 rural families in Honduras for 2.5 months. Value: $12.

AGAVESALT BAJA SHAWL. Designed and handmade con amor by Los Angeles-based Latina entrepreneur Laura Olvera, this shawl is made from traditional Jerga fabric sourced from Mexico. It comes in a variety of patterns and colors that blend modern design with Mexican influence. Perfect as a cozy wrap, scarf, throw, or even table accent. Value: $60

Fall Spiritu Box cover art by Anna Alvarado

I love that you feature the work of Latina artists on each box and have an accompanying video featuring the artist online.   This is a creative way for us to connect and support Latina artists work. How did this come about?

I truly believe that creative expression is a powerful and emotional way to connect and learn about other people. By featuring different artists and learning about who they are, their art, and how they connect to our community, we’re able to continue to build a fabric of diverse stories through that creative expression.

Pitbull and Danielle Levine.

Danielle, tell us about you.

Are you Latina?

I’m not Latina, but I’m all about women supporting and empowering women and believe very much in space that is cross-cultural and includes allies. Spiritú is working across the Latinx community with women, entrepreneurs, influencers, and members of the creative community as partners and advisors – all of whom share in the beautiful platform we are creating.

What was the best advice your mother gave you about beauty?

If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you look good.

What is your favorite lipstick and why?

Nars Cruella lip pencil – it’s a deep, gorgeous red that stays on all night.

What nail polish brand/color are you wearing? Gel or no gel?

Gel on my fingers – OPI Mod About You Pastel. Our limited-edition nail collection – offered on our Shop – is the perfect go-to for my non-gel’d toes!

You have a business background.  Please share advice about launching a new business, especially one that targets the Latina demographic.

Launching a business is hard – it comes with challenges, ups and downs, and a lot of risk-taking. But, the process is super rewarding. Surround yourself with people who share your passions, be open to connecting, look for mentors, and always be ready to learn! There are so many Latina entrepreneurs starting and growing their businesses – it’s really amazing to witness. We want Spiritú to be a place where these entrepreneurs and creators can tell their stories and connect with our community through their products.

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