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When I wake up, my first thought is always…will this be a good hair day?

And I get my answer from New York City Meteorologist and Social Media Maven, Audrey Puente. Audrey has been forecasting the weather and keeping us informed for 23 years.

In addition to her long-time television career, Audrey is Latino royalty. She is the daughter of the late King of Salsa, Tito Puente. I recently connected with Audrey to discuss good hair days, la familia and being #instagood.

Why do you love weather?

So many reasons! Weather is the only part of the newscast that affects every single viewer. I enjoy helping people prepare for their day, Whether it's about picking out their outfit, planning their kids activities, picking which day to go to the beach, deciding to water the lawn, etc. Weather is important in so many aspects of life. (Something I am writing about for a future book.)

You love fashion do you describe your look?

Haha....I've never been asked that! My rule is if I don't feel fabulous in what I am wearing or have a doubt about my wardrobe choice, I change it. I feel like I have my own style. It's Audreylicious.

Does being Latina influence your style?

Absolutely! Latinas love their curves and that influence is reflected in my wardrobe choices. I favor body hugging clothes.

What is the makeup item you always have in your purse?

Always lip gloss......ALWAYS!

What is the best advice that you received from your mom about beauty?? To stop biting my nails.

Your social media features inspirational quotes.

Which quote has had the biggest response?

"You're never too important to be nice to people." There is an underground "kindness movement" brewing. I think we will hear more and more people talking about kindness in the near future. I am already teaching my children that the world is in need of more kind people. We have more than enough mean people in it already.

What is your favorite make up line and why?? Are you using any new products?

Tarte has the best packaging! It constantly draws me in.

I love the Urban Decay Naked line.....I use the foundation and eye shadows.

I just started using Melani powder and love it!

You are the daughter of a Latino legend, how does that affect your public persona? 

I think it draws people to me. People constantly stop me to share a story about my father and I love hearing every one. I am aware of the weight of my last name and am proud to represent the Latin community. I feel proud to be a prominent Latina on television, in the field of Science, in my children's school community, on social media........pretty much, everywhere.

You are always on top of the latest and greatest social media trends.

How do you know??

In 2009 I read a book called "Crush It" by Gary Vaynerchuk and learned all about social media and how to grow on various platforms. I have listened to Gary's advice over the last 10 years and worked it into my own formula. I think authenticity is what is "hot" right now. Most people have gotten smart to the "fakeness" of social media. I think the accounts that are thriving are the ones by people who are showing their authentic selves. I think those are the most interesting people on social media right now and I learn the most about life from them.

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