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I love lipstick.
Always have.

This love of lipstick is definitely a Latina thing.  In the 90s, Latina Magazine stated that Latinas apply lipstick 8X a day.  

That’s it??  No way.  

Wonder who was in that focus group??

Definitely not Nuyoricans.

It has been proven that lipstick  is recession proof. If women want a “pick me up” item, it is always lipstick. This is so serious that the beauty industry coined a term, “the lipstick effect.” 

Fancy, I know.

For Latinas, lipstick runs deeper than an affordable luxury item. It is in our genes, our female bonding, our memories. When I was a little girl, I knew my Dad was soon arriving  from work when I saw my mother apply a fresh coat of  lipstick and smile in the mirror.  When I got sick, my mother told me to “not look sick”  and “don’t let people know you are sick.” How do I do that?  “Put lipstick on, you will feel better.”  At my wedding, my girlfriend Linda did frequent lipstick checks to make sure I was straight for all of those pictures. I still thank her to this day.

My circle of Latina friends, from High School to the Mom Squad, have similar stories. 

While I understand that this reflects our 

culture and our mothers unlocking the 

mysteries of living Latina, I feel that my deep relationship with makeup reflects each

chapter of my life. I felt super sexy in that new, Mac matte red lipstick in college. 

I bonded and felt empowered with my roommate as we shared the new “wicked” nail polish that was not quite black. 

I am now learning everything about 

collagen products which have been referred to as the new fountain of youth.  

When times are rough, my non-Latina friends go to therapy. I rush to the makeup counter. I still hold close that nude eye shadow palette that got me through.

As a rule, I always seek advice from other sage Latinas on the “new thing.” Right now, I am loving everything  (and I mean everything) from Clarins.  

While I am a ranking member of the make-up mafia, I have been searching for la cosa nostra that features Latina beauty beyond make-up.

And I found nothing. 

So here it is. 

Anchored by my favorite make up product and driven by the dynamic Latinas that I know and those I wish to know more about.

Welcome to Latinas Love Lipstick. 

Let’s be friends.


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